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Simple crafts were handed down by our great-grandmothers and grandmothers. These women pioneered the art of rug making skills and techniques. Rags 2 Rugs is a website dedicated to keeping the craft of rag rug making alive! Making rag rugs can be rewarding and a great craft to learn for anyone of all ages. Rag rug making became very prominent in the Art's and Crafts Movement.

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During the Arts and Crafts Movement in America, rug making was widespread and a revival of those techniques and skills were put to use. One woman, Amy Mali Hicks wrote a book which describes these different type rag rugs. Included are woven rugs, braided rugs, Colonial rugs, crocheted and knitted rugs, and hooked rugs. Countrywomen proved that these rug making techniques were a valuable addition to the modern decorating in the home during the Arts and Crafts Movement.

Farm houses all over the country usually had a rag rug gracing one of it's floors. Pioneer women had the task of making their floors not only warm and cozy but also adding some color to them. These women would use rag scraps of fabric or used old clothing torn into strips to make rag rugs. Nothing would be wasted in the olden days. And of course, it wasn't unusual to see a rag rug being used on a dirt floor. Most of the time in the pioneering days the only floor covering would be some thatch or rag rugs.

"The Craft Of Hand-Made Rugs" is a public domain book originally published in 1914 by Amy Mali Hicks. Hopefully, it can bring the knowledge of rug making to the young people who need to keep this art alive for centuries to come. We hope you will enjoy the information it has to offer.

The Craft Of Handmade Rugs

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